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From the Certified Diamond Dealers at Berner A/C & Heat Serving Metro New Orleans and the Northshore

Berner A/C & Heat is proud to have earned our status as a Mitsubishi “Diamond Certified Dealer” providing new system installation and service for Mitsubishi ductless A/C systems throughout metro New Orleans and the Northshore from Mandeville to Slidell.

As a certified Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, Berner A/C assists homeowners and business owners in finding innovative solutions for heating and cooling the interior air space using ductless, or mini split technology. Mitsubishi offers an extensive array of ductless heating and cooling systems that are proving to be the best in the industry. As a standalone unit, a Mitsubishi ductless system maximizes air comfort, while reducing the potential of allergens and dust mites in the home or office.

Before Mitsubishi introduced their ductless systems to the HVAC industry, businesses and residential homes only had two options for air-conditioning. They could install a single room unit mounted in a window that was extremely noisy and inefficient. It provided the opportunity for unsecured access into the home, making it highly susceptible to burglars. The other alternative was to install a central forced air system with a spider web of ductwork running throughout the home or business. While effective at delivering cool air from the interior air exchanger to every room, it also increases the potential for diminishing air quality as dust, dust mites, allergens and debris buildup inside the ductwork.

Now, Diamond Dealers for Mitsubishi offer extensive and highly innovative ductless mini split systems that take full advantage of the best components of a central forced air system. It operates more efficiently because it does not require ductwork, and can provide clean-air solutions to every room of the house or office. As a standalone unit, the split air ductless system is highly efficient when operating, with an extremely quiet fan movement, to the point of being almost undetectable.

Easy Installation

The installation process of the ductless Mitsubishi mini split is one of the easiest in the industry to install. The condensing unit is located outside. All that is required to connect to the indoor air handler unit is a small hole in the wall or ceiling to accept wiring and small tubing. The tubing delivers the refrigerant from the outdoor compressor to the inside air handler. Mitsubishi manufactures a wide assortment of air cooling products for homes and businesses that require multiple air handlers. Each air handler in every room can be independently controlled using an intuitive handheld remote. Using sensor technology, the inside air handler can automatically detect changes in the room temperature and make adjustments to create a more comfortable interior air environment.

Save on Energy Costs

There are significant advantages to installing the Mitsubishi ductless mini split air system including its ability to save every month on energy costs. Berner A/C & Heat, your local certified Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, can design a system that maximizes air-quality efficiency while minimizing heating and cooling fuel consumption.

Automatic Mitsubishi thermostats allow the owner to fine-tune every different zone in the home or business office to provide the best level of comfortable air. A mini split system is designed to run quieter, and more efficiently, while providing a better security option than a window unit. Installation of the air handling and condensing units requires nothing more than a 3” hole through a wall from the exterior to the interior of the home or office. The outdoor condensing units are very small and can easily hide behind bushes, or tucked under a balcony or porch.

Without the need for any ductwork, and ease of operation using a remote control, Mitsubishi ductless mini split air systems are the best eco-friendly option for installing a new AC unit in the home or office. Click here to learn more about the money saving benefits of energy efficient Mitsubishi equipment.

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