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A/C & Heater Maintenance


Are you looking for a licensed and reputable air conditioning contractor to provide regular maintenance for your air conditioning system? Berner AC & Heat offers AC maintenance to all of the Northshore communities of Mandeville, Covington & Slidell and the Metro New Orleans area and can provide you with a quote on air conditioning maintenance services for ANY brand of AC equipment.

Don’t Delay the Inevitable

Your home’s heating and air system is a major investment that needs regular attention in order to stay in top working condition. If you want to ensure that your energy and household repair costs are kept low, and that your equipment functions efficiently, regular maintenance is something that simply can’t be avoided.

Throughout the Louisiana spring and summer months, there is a good chance that your air conditioner system won’t get much of a break! In certain cases, your equipment may be working too hard because it has not received the servicing it needs. As you use your AC equipment, mold, dust, and other particles can build up in the system, causing airflow to become reduced.

To keep your system functioning properly, we recommend:

  • Professional North Shore maintenance of the AC system is recommended twice per year
  • Air filters changed regularly ( how often will depend on the type of air filter and the size of your home or business)  

Keeping Your Energy Bills Low with Heating & AC Maintenance

We understand that keeping up with the maintenance of your AC system is probably not a high priority, and can be difficult to manage and remember. If last minute repairs caught you off guard last winter, you’ll want to head into spring with confidence in your air conditioning unit.

For one low price, you can depend on our North Shore company for professional AC maintenance services for your HVAC equipment. Our heating and air specialists will visit unfailingly every spring/summer and fall/winter to service your equipment and keep it functioning in top condition.

What Does a Checkup Include?

When a Berner AC & Heat specialist comes to your home for an air conditioning tune up, he will complete various inspections and tests, ensuring that your unit will work properly. A thorough check-up includes:


Visual Inspection This is step one in making sure that your unit has no issues. Those warning signs include standing water, corrosion, rust, signs of overheating or moisture stains on your equipment.
Electrical Components Our specialist will next check your electronic system, including the relays, circuit boards, switched and capacitors. He will also look over your thermostat wiring and ensure that all connections are solid and ready for the next season.
Cooling and Heating Elements Our technician will check the condensate drain and evaporator core, and the heating elements, to make sure that everything is in working order. As summer approaches, you will want your drain line and coil to be performing properly, so that your A/C unit will not become less efficient or flooded.
Functionality and Operation The last step that our highly trained technician will take is an inspection of the overall operation of your equipment. This will ensure that your coolant is at proper levels, and the compressor is functioning properly. It will also allow our technician to make sure that your “run” system is working, and to check your control and safety systems.

Spring and Fall Tune-ups Are Essential

With the changes in weather, even here in Louisiana, your heating & A/C units benefit a great deal from service checks and tune-ups. We will catch minor problems before they become bigger ones. In addition, a spring checkup will leave you relaxing this summer, knowing that your A/C can handle the heat.

Spring/Summer Maintenance: Clean outdoor condenser coils, sanitize indoor evaporator coils, refrigerant leak detection, blow out condensate drains, check your refrigerant levels, electrical connections, amperage draws, lubricate blower and condenser motors as needed.

Fall/Winter Maintenance: Test carbon monoxide levels in gas heating system and water heater.  Plus, check the amperage draws, heat exchanger, draft inducer, burners, venting and blower motor.

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